Born to Be


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By Bryan Hodgekins

ISBN: 9781849914383
Published: 2011
Pages: 88
Key Themes: autobiography, depression, war, poverty, ECT


Born to Be is about Bryan Hodgekins life, suffering the bombing, evacuation, playground of bombed out building, begging for money and accepting it as normal. The child never questioned the poverty, lack of food or belongings. He believed that physical abuse was normal and was deserved. His natural personality is a bright happy go lucky optimist, yet the terrible ordeals he experienced left life long scares. However, the book is not depressing it is an uplifting tale of a child of a different generation. Bryan never lost his belief in people. This experience did make him determined to achieve. He self taught himself literary skills to express his true nature in this heart rending book.

About the Author

Bryan Hodgekins was born in April 1938, in the back streets of Portsmouth. He grew up against back drop of hunger, poverty and war. In the streets where he lived there were bombed out houses. These were his play ground.

Bryan was an optimist but even he could not escape how these traumatic years affected him. Despite early disadvantages and the desire to prove himself, the past caused a life of trying to beat years of depression.

Bryan needed to achieve in his life. In the Marines, Bryan earned the title of Commando through his dedication and support of others. Later he became a self employed electrician. But despite these achievements the darkness from his past forever haunted him. When his daughter was five she was diagnosed with sclerosis of the liver that was terminal. It was at that time he fell into a deep depression which has, off and on followed him through his life. He was forced to have Electric Shock Treatment, which did not help and eventually changed his personality making times difficult for his family. He still suffers, but now has learned to overcome it and is enjoying life. Bryan has written many plays, musicals and stories and has had three of his plays produced at local theatres.


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