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This is an introductory 30 minute book coaching call( Facebook messenger) or (Zoom) with Chipmunkapublishing Owner Jason Pegler. Jason has published 1100 books since 2002 and written 12 books himself including the international best selling memoir A Can of Madness.

Jason will find the book within you, make you accountable and help you come up with SMART and GROW principles from his 20 years experience of advising authors and potential authors on how to write their books.

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  1. Benjamin McFadden (verified owner)

    This is the book I ordered to test Chipmunka’s ebook ordering, and email delivery system. I ordered Mr. Ellerby’s book specifically because I thought by the description, it would be similar to the essay I had written. However, it is much different, and completely unique. Mr. Ellerby goes into great detail about what it is to be dillusional and paranoid to the point of being frozen in fear, even though a sane, rationale person can immediately tell there is no real danger. I recommend The Stages of Schizophrenia to anyone suffering through this diagnosis, or anyone who has a friend or relative suffering through it.

    Benjamin McFadden

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