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The Musical
By Rosealine Allen

ISBN: 978-1-84747-155-0
Published: 2007
Pages: 100
Key Themes: stage script, ethnic minorities, 1960s, schizophrenia, family relationships



For her second book with Chipmunka, Rosealine Allen presents this unusual musical script. ‘Blue’ poses an interesting theme, spread over several decades. Starting from the mid 1960s this unique play documents the highs and lows of some of Britain’s first black immigrants. Some will agree it is an accurate representation of the lives of certain members of the black community. What will you think?

About the Author

Rosealine Allen was born in May 1967 in London. She is a black woman born to West Indian immigrant parents. She spent her early years moving between grim council estates in East London. At Polytechnic she studied psychology and she is now training to be a teacher on the Graduate Teacher Programme. Rosealine currently lives in Basildon, Essex. Whether Rosie’s troubled youth was typical of a Black British girl growing up in the seventies, she cannot say, but she does believe the problems that existed between her parents and her were common for West Indians families at that time.

Book Extract

Scene 3 (Summer 1976)

In the kitchen at another council flat. It’s about 4pm. Rosealine’s mum is busying herself cooking in the kitchen. Rosealine is present. She is wearing an A line mini skirt and shirt. Mum takes a letter from the kitchen table and hands it to Rosealine.

Who is that letter from Rosealine?

Taking the letter and looking at it. It’s from the council mum. Do you want me to read it?

Yes please.

It says, Dear Mr and Mrs Mitchell, The council will attend your property on Monday 23rd July to eradicate the problem you have with woodlice. Please ensure someone is present to allow access to the property. Yours sincerely…..
Oh so they’re finally coming to get rid of the woodlice in the kitchen. Ugghh she quivers. While they’re at it mum. You’d better tell them about the silverfish in the bedrooms.

Alright, alright. Pause. So you like it round here Rosealine?

Mum it’s brilliant. We’ve got friends who’ve got a mum from St Lucia like you and daddy. They’re called Rosemary, Sharon and Lorraine. I like Lorraine best ‘cos she’s the same age as me. And Winston said his mum Vye works at the same hospital as you. Do you know her mum?

Oh. That must be Vye Gordon. She live around here?

Yep. Pause. Mum can, me and Payton come to your workplace tomorrow to pick some blackberries from that tree in the backyard of your workplace, so that we can make a blackberry pie?

Rosealine, you all will get me into trouble! These people are watching me you know. Pause. Alright, you can come.

Rosealine (Enthused )
Oh thanks mum. School is really good too you know. I haven’t got that many friends at school but I really like the teachers. And mum, I think it’s so cool that our cousins Nelson and Emmanuel live just down the road. We can see them much more often now. Mum when are we next going to see Uncle Ravino and Auntie Mary?

I don’t know child. Soon.

Laughing Auntie Mary and Mark really make me laugh. He’s always pestering her and she says to him, feigning a St Lucian accent ‘Mark, Your head round like a ball. Move away from there!’ Has stopped laughing. Auntie Mary’s cooking is almost as nice as yours mum. She pulls a chocolate bar out of her pocket, opens it and starts eating it. What are you cooking today mum?

Rice, peas and chicken. Rosealine your food soon ready. Why you eating chocolate? I tell you, you eat too much sweet. When the toothache take you, you will see. Pause. Give me a bite no? Rosealine hands the chocolate bar to mum who takes a bite and hands it back. I have to go back to work this evening. Anyway it’s not too bad. The kitchen is quiet in the evening. Most of the doctors and nurses have gone home. Claudia should be back before I leave.

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