Bipolar – A Memoir Of Poetry


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By Anna Sharpe

ISBN: 978-1-84991-838-1
Published: 2012
Pages: 50
Key Themes: Mental Health, Poetry, Bipolar Affective Disorder


Poetry in this book is a memoir and takes you on a journey through the real life lived experiences of living with Bipolar Affective Disorder. Anna Sharpe had a writing bug like a mood fever. A mixture of real life events and real life experiences are expressed through creative poetry.

About the Author

Anna Sharpe was born in Derby on the 26th January 2012. During her childhood she played Badminton for Rolls Royce and at county level for Derbyshire Badminton and later on for Yorkshire Badminton. She reached 19th in the English Badminton National rankings during a gap year between her degree and masters.

However occasionally she wrote poetry in her leisure time.
Anna Sharpe spent a period of time within the Territorial Army and has worked part time in various types of employment. This has included shop work, working in a hospital and employment as a care assistant.

Anna Sharpe graduated from her Masters in Sports Science from Loughborough University. She was diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder during her study. She managed to complete her masters after a year out due to diagnosis of a mental health disability. Before this Anna Sharpe graduated from her degree from Hull University. This included an achievement of a 2:1 in a BSc (Hons) Physical Education and Sports Science with Psychology degree.

Anna Sharpe returned to her home town of Derby. Writing poetry, a hobby, has been a memoir, escapism and an internal inner voice. Anna Sharpe had a writing bug like a mood fever. Writing is an expression of feelings of moods and is used for relaxation. Writing is from real life and includes a memoir of lived experiences.

Book Extract


The blood is fresh and very red,
It is like a release of built up tension,
Like tears the blood flows from the cut,
Like a steady stream of water,
Pure and relaxing,
Releasing stress anger hurt anxiety and pain,
It does not hurt,
It just feels good like I have cried and wept tears from my eyes,
Even though I felt like I could not cry,
Cutting replaces crying,
It is like another emotion and it is difficult to control,
Accept this emotion is self-destructive and has the added motion of being dangerous.

Cutting should be replaced with writing and some other kind of stress release,
Distraction and alternative activities,
Some sort of music, talking to a friend, doing some physical activity,
Play-Doh is soft and distracts the hand and mind,
Plus can be cut instead of the human flesh.

Cutting leaves scars and ugliness,
Cutting does not resolve issues but makes them worse.
It is not just cutting but the aftermath of the cutting,
The marks that cutting leaves behind,
Tears are more natural than cutting and should be shed instead of cutting.


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