Bi-Polar Expedition


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By Neil Walton

ISBN: 978-1-84747-123-9
Published: 2007
Pages: 220
Key Themes: bi-polar disorder, manic depression, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism


With this book about severe bi-polar disorder, Neil Walton gives the reader a real insight into what it is like to live with this common, yet misunderstood and often seriously debilitating illness. Neils life has been something of a journey of self-realisation and enlightenment, a bi-polar expedition indeed. Neils story reflects his many experiences, from struggling with drink to numerous nervous breakdowns and problems with family and relationships. This is a book which will appeal to many but in particular to those who have had similar experiences to Neils. A book that will help people come to terms with their illness, as Neil has. A book that could save lives!

About the Author

After my second breakdown, a friend of mine said casually one afternoon, Why dont you write a book about your experiences, it might help people in the same situation as yourself. I dismissed the idea as ludicrous saying who would be interested in a book by me. I did not read books, much less write them, and besides my spelling and punctuation were crap. Three years later, after my fourth nervous breakdown, my friends suggestion came to the fore. I began jotting down notes. Three months later, after reading over my notes, I saw the possibilities of a short book.

I took the idea to my Occupational Therapist and waited for fits of raucous laughter. Amazingly she approved. I could not believe anybody would actually take me seriously. I joined an editorial team called Equilibrium, which produces a quarterly newsletter covering mental health issues in the Haringey, London area. On my first day there I tentatively mentioned my book about being diagnosed with bi-polar to the facilitator, Julia Bard. I sat back in my chair and waited for a pat on the head, followed by a bout of uncontrollable apoplexy. Julia’s concise reply was That’s a great idea, strong subject too. She asked me to bring in my work so that the team could edit it and use it in our next edition. Well slap me with a four-pound trout. That was the first time my scribblings had been described as work. That was May 1999.

In the summer of 2001, I passed my GCSE English Language exams with C and B grades. Not bad for a forty-three year old manic depressive.

My book, Bi-polar Expedition turned out to be much bigger than I had imagined it would be, I sincerely hope you find it useful.

4 reviews for Bi-Polar Expedition

  1. Daniel Walton (verified owner)

    A superb book with funny sections aswell as personal ones.
    Im sure it will be a huge help to anyone with the condition or someone with a family member that may need advice or to make them feel like they are not alone.
    Excellent Book highly recommended. a truly touching read

  2. Jude Wells (verified owner)

    This book is both laugh-out-loud funny and sad at the same time. I could not put it down and read it in one sitting. Everyone with a relative, friend or working with mental health patients MUST read this and anyone interested in mental illness SHOULD read it.

    The author takes you through what life functioning outside “normality” is like to himself and his friends, family and work colleagues, and the far reaching consequences his illness had on all of them. BUT he writes in such a down to earth way that you feel you know him, what he is going through, and can completely empathize with his problems. The fact that he has now written about his illness and experiences is uplifting and hopeful to all other sufferers and their friends and family. You finish this book wanting to know “what happened next”?

    The only criticism you can make of this book is the spelling and grammar, surely the fault of his editors, but the actual content of the book, the readability and accessibility to all is to be lauded and shared.

    Buy it, read it, share with everyone you know and I dare you not to be affected in some way by this book – the next time you see a “nutter” in your shopping centre, on the street or in a pub will make you think about that person completely differently after reading this………Excellent stuff

  3. Charlotte Cox (verified owner)

    Neil Walton\’s frank account of his life with bipolar disorder is an emotional and informative read. For anyone interested in mental illness, Walton\’s book is an excellent place to start. He writes from the heart but at the same time does not take himself too seriously. His sense of humour lightens what could otherwise be a very heavy read. I would recommend this to professionals, people with an amateur interest and especially those with the disorder and their friends and family.

  4. Neil Walton (verified owner)

    This book has received some wonderful and honest reviews, both here and on Amazon. Who would have thought that a story written in a back bedroom in Tottenham, made it its way across the world to America and India. Take a look at for an update on its progress, and thank you for buying my book. Neil Walton, aka Bipolar Bill, author.

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