Bi-Polar Dreams


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By Frederic Benson


ISBN: 978-1-904697-99-2
Published: 2005
Pages: 141
Key Themes: bi-polar disorder, manic depression, poetry, prose, autobiographical


This book comprises of creative poems and coherent prose, which give you an honest insight into manic depression. This book is a very honest, real and therefore a, sometimes disturbing account of bi-polar disorder. It gives you an emotive insight into Frederick Benson’s life.

About the Author

Frederic Benson has written this book as a form of empowerment. His manic depression is expressed in a frank way to give you a clearer understanding of mental illness. It is a combination of fiction and non-fiction.

Book Extract

I am the castle on the mountain,

The spire on the church,
I fly like the lightning,

Standing atop the Earth,

And with my fists I can smash through planets,

Plunging through the core,

Tearing at heat itself,

I am the fiery lightning, the electric beast,

I can paint with the stars,

And wield the sun,

Blazing through time with fire and hate,

I can build, I can destroy,

I can create, I can crush,

I can trample the Earth,

And everything in it,

I am the dragon, the demon,

The flaming eyes of God,

I see all & I know the Earth,

The world is mine in my werewolf state,

And I pine for the thorns,

As I crush the rose that dies,

I am the devil warlord,

The screaming banshee of blood,

I am the manic monster,

And the Earth is mine!

As I fly with the flame,

Up to the darkened sun filled sky,

And I fall back to Earth,

Crashing through Darkness,

Plunging through shadow,

Till I smash on the rocks below…
Then there is darkness,

The bitter light is gone,

And I am left melting,

In the stabbing acid glare of a citrus bulb,

My mind is dripping through a sieve,

What was once a tight knot is unraveling,

I can feel a damp coffin around me,

I am decaying alive.

Melting into the foul earth,

My eyes, once flame are now liquid,

Warmly dripping down my cheeks,

I am blind and cold,

The light is gone and my blood is stale,

I am the squashed insect between your fingers,

I am the miserably failed road kill,


Void of smiles,

Void of life,.

I slither in the mud.

My skin is leaving me,

Unshielded as the birds peck at my bloody flesh,
Trodden by the snail crusher,

Weak at the neck,

Hanging from the cliff,

Nailed to my grave,

Trapped inside my hole,

Prisoner to my mind,

Melted into darkness,

Where God is left behind,

Truly alone and abandoned to hell,

There is nothing but gloom,

And death from the well,

So crushed and beguiled,

I cry with my blood,

And then I tear myself up from the ground!

As I fly up again,

The diamond kite,

The electric firework charge, soaring through the starry bleak,

Blazing through the sky again,
Tearing the air asunder as I wail,

I am the reaper’s fiery blade,

Beautiful & crazy,

With a hunger,

For Death,

And Blood.



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