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The past has a way of catching up with you….
By Katie Micuta

ISBN: 978-1-84747-137-4
Published: 2007
Pages: 137
Key Themes: fiction, young author, imprisonment, emotions, revenge, gangster



‘Betrayal’ is a book full of action and intrigue. Katie’s imagination transports us to unknown places where emotions have the upper hand. But how will it all end? This is an excellently imaginative book that leaves readers wanting more. This book is a worthy addition to the Chipmunka roster from one of our youngest authors.

About the Author

I was born in July 1990 and have lived in Henley-On-Thames all my life with my parents, brother, and loyal labrador Meggy.

I went to primary school in Henley, then moved to St Josephs Convent School in Reading until I left at 16. I’m now currently doing my A Levels at Henley College, including English Language and English Literature.
I started writing at a young age and was always badgering my Gran and parents to read my stories, and once I had mastered reading words with more than two syllables, I have spent all my spare time reading.

Book Extract

Dante Christie stood outside of the gates. He looked up at the blue sky and squinted his eyes against the bright sun. He’d forgotten how powerful the sun could be. He shut his eyes and let the light roam over his face, burning his skin, awakening it after the fourteen years of darkness that had overtaken him.

He looked forward and saw a taxi waiting for him. He wondered who had organised it for him, but nevertheless got in it and told the driver to take him to his home. Dante chuckled, his home, sure.

Fourteen years! Fourteen years he’d been stuck in the same dark and dismal cell, awaiting this moment, imagining what it would feel like to be on the outside. So why was he disappointed? Is this what all convicted prisoners felt when they got out? Dante looked out at the people walking by. They are all mixed up in their own ways, he thought cynically.

Dante had read that freedom and hope are the two main things that everyone should have. Those two things played on his mind ever since he had read them. What did they really mean? Dante didn’t know. He figured when he was freed, he’d get an overwhelming power that would take over him. A feeling that only he could feel, something special, something sacred. Only he felt nothing.
His mind wandered back to why he’d been imprisoned. Stupid Irish idiot! Setting him up to look like a dumb prick! Dante knew it was unfair imprisonment, he only wished the god damn jury had seen it that way. Over the years, he thought of a million different ways to get his revenge to the people who’d set him up, but after a while his anger subsided for them, and it was replaced with an obsession. Isn’t that what people say? A man will do anything to keep his mind occupied in prison. Dante certainly had done that. His cell mate had been there to tell him something he’d never forget.

“Revenge is sweet, but shooting a bullet through the head is sweeter” then his cell mate had promptly burst into laughter.

Dante was too smart to just go and shoot a gun, he wanted to eat this man alive, watch him crumble as his world fell apart. He wanted to get to him through the one thing he cared most about. His family.

Dante smiled. Yes sir, he was out for blood, but the chase would be pleasurable. He wanted to watch the three little daughters squirm as the big daddy cried for their lives.

His obsession had one name to it, and that was Don Carson.

“You can go back to the town now, Mr. Clone,” said Michael to his boss. Steve Clone turned in his chair and looked at his muscle standing before him. He liked Michael; he always knew what to say and do to make his day.
“Great.” Steve replied. He got up from his desk and looked out of the window, down on all the little office workers. They were nothing compared to him! He was Steve Clone!
“Are you sure the plan you set up will go smoothly?” Steve asked Michael.
“Sir, I have got everyone on it, to make sure Don Carson can’t get near you.” Steve looked at Michael. “But, you can get near him” Michael finished with a grin. Steve laughed.
“Excellent. I definitely want to see Essence again”
“Very well” Michael answered back.
Steve looked around his office. Thank god he was leaving this shit hole! Not that he didn’t like London, but after a while, it seemed time to move on; tie up loose ends before he made his way abroad; to make a new start. Steve knew Don would know of his moving, because, well, if he weren’t so smart and trained, he wouldn’t have noticed the spies following him. But fortunately he had, and even one night, sent a message to Don, using one of his spies.
He knew he cared about his three daughters. They were his life. They were the only things that mattered to him. And Steve Clone was going to take advantage of that fact.
He had a lot of history with Don and knew their rivalry would continue, even after they both would have perished, but as he was still very much alive and ready, he was going to make the last move, hopefully putting Don Carson out of business forever.

Steve walked out of the door and took the elevator down.
He smiled as he got into his limo, Michael sitting opposite him.

He was on his way to the place where it all began, the place where Don lived now, where Don pretended his life was perfect, where Steve had left at Don’s insistence, and where he vowed to himself he’d look down at Don’s dying body. He was returning to Nuffield, near the small town of Henley-On-Thames. Don Carson, Steve thought as the limo pulled away, here I come.



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