Betrayal of Minds



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By Josephine Brown

ISBN: 9781847474810
Published: 2007
Pages: 100
Key Themes: mental health system, abuse, schizophrenia, justice, mother


This book describes a journey through the Mental Health system, where Josephine Brown has stood many times in defence of her son, David, at first aged just 13 years old. This mother needed more than average strength and defiance to rescue her son from a persecuting system. She lost everything: home, marriage and, ultimately, health herself.

But if asked Was it worth it? she replies Yes, it was. My reward my son.

This book should be read by anyone experiencing difficulties with those treating them or their relatives within the NHS. It is not only a source of huge courage but one of invaluable knowledge about mental health and practical and legal help and guidance.

About the Author

Josephine Brown is a courageous woman and a courageous mother. She spent over a decade fighting for the just treatment of her son, sectioned in an Adult Psychiatric Ward aged only 13 and subsequently detained for the financial benefit of medical practitioners despite repeated complaints from Josephine and even the police. Josephines journey led her to hospitals, bailiffs, courts, tribunals and eventually to justice but also it would seem to a greater understanding of how to help people experiencing mental distress than a great number of people in the profession.

1 review for Betrayal of Minds

  1. Wilde Ursula (RWR) Herts Partnership FT (verified owner)

    This book is a superb read and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to read it. It gives an insight into the everyday trials that challenge the mentally ill and their families. Josephine is a very brave lady, who stood tall and took on the challenges of the professionals and won. Her fight was over a very long 10 year period but never once did she consider throwing in the towel. Was it worth it, in Josephine’s own words, yes, and her reward – “her son”. This truly is a Love Story, the precious love of a mother for her child.

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