Berty Tumblefluff and Friends


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By Lee Pritchett

ISBN: 978-1-84991-5045
Published: 2011
Pages: 246
Key Themes: children’s fiction, illustrations, fantasy, fairy tales


‘Berty Tumblefluff and Friends’ is collection of magical, illustrated fairytale / children’s fantasy stories about boys, girls, wizards, witches, dragons, goblins talking animals and more. The book contains sequel stories to a number of those in ‘The Tale of Greta Gumboot and Other Stories’, but is also written with new readers in mind, so everyone can enjoy it. The tales are set in strange and wonderful worlds, sparkling with magic. There’s also a selection of brand new rhyming stories in the collection, which will hopefully provoke the odd bout of joyous laughter. There’s even a new Epheline Story. In case you don’t remember, He’s a very magical animal who is part cat, part Elephant, particularly cute, furry and purple as they come. The story collection is aimed at boys and girls ranging in age from five years old to nine, though younger children can still enjoy being read to from the book, some older may like it too. There’s plenty of fun and adventures for any child. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it…

About the Author

Lee Pritchett was born in March 1986, on the Isle of Wight. He went to school there and then proceeded to study IT at college. Soon after college he was diagnosed with OCD. He has since lost interest in IT (Except for writing and illustrating uses and his website of course) and at the age of twenty he wrote a children’s story based on a family member for a bit of fun called ‘The Tale of Hammy Telling and His Little Telling Tummy’. With this, the first children’s story he’d written in his adult life coming in the short list of the academy of children’s writers competition, he decided to study with them with the aim of becoming a successful and respected writer of children’s literature. He now has two published collections of children’s stories, both written and illustrated by him.

Book Extract

One breezy spring’s day, a warm wind blew through Berty Tumblefluff’s magical forest. The little badger was wandering about the wood, thinking of what to do with himself, when the rustling of paper sounded from somewhere close by. Berty was surprised to see a very strange looking, thin sort of book blowing towards him. He reached up and caught it with his fury little paws. The beautiful, colourful pictures all over the book amazed him. It wasn’t leather and metal, like all the books Berty had seen before. Its cover was made of thin, fragile looking paper.

“Wow!” gasped Berty, “You’re so beautiful! Even Greta Gumboot doesn’t have any books like you!”

Little Berty opened the book, turning the pages carefully, so as not to damage it.

It was filled with picture after picture of brave looking people in brightly coloured clothing. Berty wasn’t very good at reading, but what he could make out were the words ‘SUPER HERO’,’GOOD VERSES EVIL’, and ‘SAVES THE DAY!”

“WOW!” said Berty, “A super-hero! That’s even better then a regular hero. I wish I could be one of those!”

Then there was a rustling in the green flowering rhododendrons behind him. Out popped plump, little Greta gumboot the good witch, in her long, purple dress, brown boots and snow white pointed hat covering her shoulder length red hair.

“Gotcha Cyril!” she called triumphantly…”Oh wait a minute. Where’s that silly snake got to now? I was sure I had him! Hello Berty. What’s that you’ve got there?”

“Hello Greta.” he replied, “It’s a wonderful book! It’s not just full of heroes, but super-heroes!”

“That’s very nice Berty! Have you seen Cyril around anywhere? We’re playing hide and seek!
That was when Berty had his fabulous idea!
“Greta, Greta, and ”he said excitedly “You’re wonderful at magic! You could turn me into a super hero!”
“I don’t know about that Berty.” Greta replied nervously, “A spell like that could go awfully wrong!”
“Oh go on Greta. Nothing bad will happen! I’ll do all your chores for you super fast if you make me a super badger.”
“Well” said Greta reluctantly, “I’ll give it a go!”
Once upon a time when Greta was very different she would have used her dark wand for the spell. Now a few choice words would have to do!
“With suit of green, a mask of blue, you have a red cape wrapped round you.

Powerful paws to open locked doors, you’ll be saving lives whilst others snore,

If you look to the skies, there Berty flies, a super badger is such a surprise.


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