Being Shay


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Sex, Love and Escorts
By Shay Delady

ISBN: 978-1-84747-536-7
Published: 2008
Pages: 38
Key Themes: autobiography, professional sex work, human psychology, physical desires, emotions


The book ‘Sex, Love and Escorts: Being Shay’ is an autobiography of Shay’s life. It is an emotional portrait of life as a high class escort in London. In the book Shay expresses her true, often conflicting feelings as well as her daily intimate yet somewhat funny encounters. The book is a must read for people interested in the hidden life of a real escort whose life is full of surprises and polarized experiences.

Shay is also the author of the book ‘Make Love Not Dinner’ giving us the first hand sexual knowledge and life advice from a successful escort’s perspective. Shay has been featured in TV and magazines.

About the Author

Shay is one of the top escorts in London. Born in a well to do family, Shay went to private school and then obtained her higher studies in the USA. She has a Masters degree in Management and worked as an Investment Analyst for few years. Tired of long hours and number crunching Shay decided to change her lifestyle and obtained diploma in beauty and massage with a vision to involve more artistic elements in her life. At the same time she came out of a sour relationship giving her the opportunity to completely alter her life around.

Shay decided to work for herself on her terms, as she embarked on a solo journey that led her to the unknown and often feared path of high class escorting. The new path, new place and new lifestyle had given her the daily hands-on enlightenment on complicated human psychology and varied physical desires. This was a line of living that could be quite glamorous yet dark and lonely at times but experiences can be used to learn the lesson on life through trial, strength of mind, laughter, and tears.

Book Extract

I wake up in the morning slowly at my own pace. Still under my soft goose feather duvet, I look outside through my French window to a beautiful sunny autumn morning. Inspired, I get out of my bed in my silk and lace ivory colour chemise and put the matching robe on. I brew a pot of freshly ground coffee and walk out to my terrace. I love looking over one of the nicest streets in London, and watching the world go by. A lady walks past with a golden retriever dog, a little girl outruns her mother, a forty something gent parks his BMW and hurries off somewhere. The mild golden ray of autumn sun hits the tree tops, leaves changing their colour. I take a sip of my coffee and smile within myself, thinking of my work as an escort, an escort agency owner and the unusual days without any routine that it brings. It is like the change of season except my role changes every hour.

At 11 in the morning I switch my computer and work phone on. Within a few minutes, a gentleman called Ian calls seeking discreet lunchtime companionship with one of the busty, brunette ladies in my agency at her apartment. After making a phone call to Kelly, the desired lady, I call Ian back to confirm the meeting and consequently text him Kelly’s address. One job taken care of, hoping in my mind that the meeting is enjoyable for both parties, and that the day gets busy.

“So how does it feel to be an escort”, a common question people have asked me. Sometimes I do my best to answer them and sometimes I am confused in my own mind as how does it really feel. It is one of the oldest professions of this world and it will survive as long as there are men on this planet. Like any other area of economy, it is a matter of supplying a demand, a demand so natural and basic, that it has survived centuries. Therefore to me, it is a vocation, a project like any other. It is a means to an end, a living, where the body is an entirely detached from any emotions. Like a lawyer defending a case, or a psychologist talking to a patient without getting emotionally herself involved.

Then again, it is a career like no other, making a stranger intimate in a minute, based on a phone call. Offering invitation to your bedroom and your body to a man you have never met. Having a bright smile ready when a man walks in knowing you have to sleep with him regardless you are attracted to him or not, switching off all emotions and yet remaining cosmetically passionate. It is a world where there are no strangers, yet everything is strange.



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