Balancing The Scales


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A Journey of Recovery
By Christine Khisa

ISBN: 978-1-84991-654-7
Published: 2012
Pages: 66
Key Themes: poetry, prose, anthology, mental health, recovery, Bipolar Affective Disorder


The book is an anthology of poetry spanning twenty years experience of obstacles and challenges on the polarised continuum of recovery. The never ending journey is illustrated through poetry demonstrating high points in recovery, low points and when an equilibrium has been reached. The book gives an insight as to the emotions, feelings and expressions that have been suppressed as a consequence of becoming a service user, being ‘other than’, the acceptable norm.

The poetry is written from a personal perspective, bearing in mind the experiences of other service users I have had the good fortune to meet.

About the Author

Christine Khisa is of Kenyan ethnicity, born in the UK and raised in both Peterborough and London. Christine was diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder almost 20 years ago, prior to that post natal depression with her first child 27 years ago. As a single mother of four children Christine struggled with mental ill health and also in accepting her diagnosis, once enabled to overcome that obstacle the recovery process began.

Poetry for Christine has been a mean’s of expression and communicating her thoughts and experiences, she has volunteered and worked in the mental health arena, using her experiences to help educate and inform in higher education establishments. Recovery has been enabled by creative writing and Christine has incorporated it into training she has delivered over the years to enable others to promote recovery using her experience as an example.

‘Mental illness is not the sum of my whole, but a fraction in the equation that is life’

Christine khisa

Book Extract

Assumptions (A conversation with myself)

You do not look but just assume
You feel you have the right
Through the misconceptions you suppose
Through ignorance and lack
Knowing the comfort of an underdog
Empowers some, I hope not too many
Knowing there is someone lower
In the social strata than yourself
Makes the suffering you suffer
More achievable than wealth
Makes for a false degree of superiority
A form of ignorance itself
You do not question what you see
You do not challenge what society dictates
You do nothing more than accept your fate
Complain when you suffer the consequences
Of the choices that you make
A lack of application of what variable is to blame
Cast a vote and be accountable
If you feel a difference can be made
There are futures here at stake
Grasp every opportunity
May they be fortunate to come your way
Help others who will take the path
On your much trodden road
Lighten the loads of individuals
In countries in which you reside
Enrich your localities with your talents
Know your neighbours and families
From them draw your strength
Recapture the essence of community
That was present yesteryear
Take pride in any position you may hold
And encourage the young
That they too may be so bold.


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