Bajan Affair


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By Pauline Pearce

ISBN: 978-1-84747-209-0
Published: 2007
Pages: 91
Key Themes: eccentricity, travel writing, dystonia, determination, humour



Bajan Affair is Pauline Pearce’s 2nd publication by Chipmunka.

It is written in diary format as an uplifting, humorous account of a holiday she spent on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Pauline describes how her heart was captivated, not only by this idyllic location, but by the characters she met during her daily exploits.

It tells of a romance, not between two individuals but as an affair of the heart between herself, this small corner of paradise, and the beauty of spirit she discovered within those who inhabit these shores.

Feel the warmth of the sun on your back and the caress of a tropical breeze, as Pauline’s narration takes you, in imagination, to this vibrant island. Her words, as she sets each scene, are vivid in description, witty and, most definitely, thought provoking – a book to both relax and rejuvenate the reader and one, certainly, to be read from cover to cover.

Book Extract

Please allow me to introduce myself and give you a flavour of what is to follow. If you have a similar character to me, these first few lines are of prime importance. These are the ones that determine whether the book is to be swiftly returned to the shelf or to become the next material for bedtime reading or holiday relaxation. I tremble in anticipation of your decision.

The authoress of the following is Pauline, a 50-something mother of Beth (soon to flee the nest) and wife of the long-suffering R—n (for the purposes of his anonymity/sanity/reputation, and in hope of preserving our twenty-five-year marriage, hereafter known as RT).

Might I guess that the pages of this script are imminently closing – my book doomed to gather decades of dust and cobwebs on shelves in varying locations. You may – if still accompanying me – have concluded by now that the authoress is quite eccentric, as indeed are the words that follow.

I have no shame in admitting to this characteristic and, personally, find it adds colour and even joy to each day of my life. Long live eccentricity. Long live humour as long as it is at no other’s expense save self. It is this characteristic that has helped me on my personal journey from youth into something I describe as middle age – a period I had initially dreaded until I learnt to adopt a different approach to the inevitable process of ageing.

I had originally thought that to die young in the full flush of youth (and, dare I say it, beauty) was far better than to watch face and body deteriorate with age. But now, faced with this reality, I appreciate there is so much more of life I desire to experience and have not yet had the opportunity to.

The mirror does not deceive though the mind oft can. I don’t feel any older in my head but my facial features – not to mention the sagging boobs and bum and the hideous varicose veins – tell a different tale.

Growing older had never been of concern to me in my thirties or even forties but somehow, I went to bed on the 21st February 2006 a reasonably content 49-year-old and woke on the 22nd a discontented, quivering wreck – a 50 year old. As I gazed into the mirror, deep lines on my forehead and around my eyes seemed to have appeared as if by some voodoo curse. My lips appeared to have lost their original definition and halved their volume; chin and neck had merged into some vague area around shoulder level. Not a pretty sight to behold pre-early morning ‘cuppa’ at the dawning of a new decade!


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