Awakened By A Butterfly


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By Sarah Parkes

ISBN: 978-1-84991-153-5
Published: 2012
Pages: 212
Key Themes: Mental Health, Anorexia, Depression, Agoraphobia, Anthology


Awakened by a Butterfly The Anthology chronicles the authors journey through anorexia, depression and agoraphobia. It follows her battle to come to terms with her soulmates suicide and her need to explore the darkness, despair and hopelessness that her friend’s death has created. “Prepare to go on a voyage that even I could never have imagined”

About the Author

Sarah Parkes is a 27 year old who has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD. She has achieved, although she doesn’t know how, her Bachelors in English Literature with Philosophy and Ethics and a Masters in Humanities. Sarah’s writing of poetry, prose and the occasional play or short story is her passion. She also has an interest in art and card making. Sarah believes that through her writing she is able to find and express her true voice.

Book Extract

Ahh, to be in Eire once more.

Ahh, to be home in Ireland once again, how my heart yearns to walk through those green fields and potholed roads. To be in Knockaderry again. Imagine Auntie Em’s yard with clothes blowing on the line, me sitting on the grass, Butty running around wanting me to play. The fresh breeze messing up my hair. Silence. Peace. Oh to be whole again close to Grandad’s hand, look to the roof, remember the day he and Daithi were up there, Mam coming over the hill with newly curled hair. Walk inside they are all there both the living and the dead. The turf burning, a pot on the stove. Stare back at the back kitchen door and see the day when you were small. A cow escaped from the herd eating the soda bread mix in the baking bowl. Laughing as the commotion and hairy canary replays in your head. How sitting at the kitchen table staring at the breath taking view you were happy, a part of something beautiful, engulfed by familial love.


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