Ask Me Now


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By Mike Pearson

ISBN: 9781847479242
Published: 2009
Pages: 487
Key Themes: psychiatric social worker working in mental health, personal experience, depression, humour, acceptance


The story follows a humorous and occasionally harrowing account of one persons journey through depression from inside the world of a psychiatric social worker who is also becoming unwell. It places mental illness firmly in the realm of personal experience and should offer hope to both sufferers and carers. The book is informed by a belief that individuals and the services treating them can get better and that we can inhabit a world where it’s all right to be not all right.

About the Author

Mike Pearson was born in Darlington in 1956 and lives in Lincoln. He is employed as a social worker in a community mental health team in the east midlands. He is also a writer and photographer whose previous books include City Go Nap As Quakers Halt Slump and Conversations In British Jazz. Ask Me Now is his first work of fiction. As an occasional sufferer from depression and a professional in the mental health field he has a particular interest in the issues and is well placed to give a personal as well as occupational view.


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