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By John Ryan

ISBN: 978-1-84991-407-9
Published: 2011
Pages: 158
Key Themes: poetry, mental health, empowerment


Following the success of John’s debut collection “Like a Fine Piece of China”, this second collection sees a mind returning to full “normality”, after a massive mental breakdown.

We see an author finding his feet again, and notice a much more positive approach to the daily grind.

About the Author

Born in Cappamore, Co. Limerick, Ireland, in 1947, John has experienced mental health issues and been through the system, since a savage sexual assault in the workplace 6 years ago. One thing‘s for sure: writing was the one constant in an otherwise very inconstant series of experiences; John found the discipline of writing to be very therapeutic indeed, and is writing to this day.

Book Extract


Straining the mind to find the right words,
Straining the eyes to catch sight of the birds
Twittering high above on the branch for me
– They symbolise my undying love for thee.

I love the way they fly free in the sky:
My love for thee will always fly high;
There’s just you and me in our little love-nest:
We fly in our love where love is the best.

Oh! come let us fly in the morn’ and at noon
Oh’ come let us fly by the light of the moon;
Like swallows we’ll fly and catch all the flies
– Like swallows we’ll know every inch of the skies.

And when we are tired we’ll fly yet again
For now we are free, our wings take the strain;
Oh! come, my sweet lovely, fly low and fly high:
The earth is all ours, and so is the sky.

Oh! come now, my lovely, my love is for thee,
When we are together it is then we are free:
Let’s fly by day and again by night
– Together we make a beautiful sight.


Last night I stared, and stared again,
The full moon stared back down;
I stared upon its happy face,
It took away my frown.

For I was sure besotted now,
Transfix’d by my sweet moon:
My song I sang in innocence,
My moon sang back in tune.

By now we both were intertwined,
Caught in mystic ruse;
My moon and I forever one
– We shall forever fuse.

Oh! mystic orb, my damsel sweet,
Come stare with me tonight,
For I shall wait, and wait for thee,
For such a comely sight.

Forever we shall be as one,
Forever share thy light;
The day is all too long to wait,
Oh!come, my sacred night.


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