Apologies Hypocrisy, A Lyrical Year


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By Tom Clement

ISBN: 978-1-78382-138-9
Published: 2015
Pages: 120
Key Themes: mental health, psychosis, poetry, lyrics


During an unstable childhood, Toms mental health began to wane and, after two members of his family committed suicide, Tom found himself
sectioned under The Mental Health Act, at just sixteen years of age,
experiencing an intense psychosis that lasted several years.

During his time in hospital, Tom found solace in music and wrote lyrics to pass his time and help focus away from the world he was living in. The majority of those lyrics written during his time in hospital are presented to you in this book. Now in recovery from his illness. Tom still likes to express himself through rhyme and lyric, with newer works included in this book sharing a broader understanding of his journey.


A profoundly moving collection of lyrics and poetry. Tom Clement takes the reader on a personal and literary journey through his life. Sectioned as a teenager Tom shares painful discoveries and reflections. Beautifully
written, this collection provides a haunting insight into one mans life. Highly recommended.


Inspiration is found in the strangest of places and many of us who
experience poor mental health well being find we are inspired to develop our creative side. Tom Clement is a greatly talented artist and writer who encourages a sense of hope to others who experience the effects of mental health issues.
He makes a connection with the reader because of the experiences
captured within in his work.

Carla Swann, Motivational Speaker and Recovery College Peer Tutor


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