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A Collection of Poems
By Anna J Last

ISBN: 978-1-905610-81-5
First Published: 2005
This Edition: 2006
Pages: 45
Key Themes: anorexia nervosa, eating disorders, emotions, survival, poetry


Analgesia is a two-part journey conveying the memories and experiences of life battling against clinical depression and anorexia nervosa, expressed through poetry. This is a collection of vivid recollections, raw at times, yet honestly portrayed through these 64 poems.

About the Author

Anna J Last was born in Ipswich in 1977 and has lived on the Suffolk coast for most of her life. In 1995 Anna gained a BA (Hons) in Geography from the University of Hull and in 2001 gained an MA in Library and Information Studies from University College London. Anna is a qualified librarian. Analgesia is her first collection of poems.

Book Extract


Away from the twenty-four hour hustle and bustle,
With only golfers and trees that rustle.
A picnic bench to rest and watch,
The golfers attempt another shot.

Peace and quiet, with nobody near,
Alone to think, get my head clear.
I see an old rubber tyre, could tie to a tree,
To use as a noose, but a golfer might see.

A shiny used bottle sparkles in the grass,
I smash it to create pieces of sharp glass.
Save it for later when back on the ward,
To use when suicidal, hurting or bored.


Words can not describe,
How you helped me to survive.
Not knowing how I felt inside,
Your care kept me alive.
Your presence gave my mood a lift,
Only at weekends you did night shift.


She gave me what I wanted,
What no one else would give.
She read my mind, knew what I needed,
Without my having to ask.

Others had tried, giving only a little,
Teasing, leaving, left wanting more.
But what you gave was so much,
Genuine, un-clinical care.

You rubbed my arm for half an hour,
And many times more.
Regularly you held my hand,
Remembering my hug each night.

“You pretty girl” she told me,
Always calling me “darling”
“They don’t know what they’re missing out,”
A game of ask and tell.



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