Amitriptyline Queen


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By Jaden Christopher

ISBN: 978-1-84991-631-8
Published: 2011
Pages: 90
Key Themes: bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, memoir, drug addiction


Amitriptyline Queen is a memoir of mental illness, drug addiction, love, and recovery. It is the story of one girls ability to overcome mental illness through self analysis and writing. After years of being told nothing by doctors, Jaden took matters into her own hands and began educating herself about drugs, love, and emotional wellness. Years of manic scribbling turned into a book of letters and poetry with a hint of delusion and a message of the importance of knowing yourself in order to know recovery.

About the Author

Jaden Christopher was born in 1983 and is currently a Masters in Mental Health Counseling student. She was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder at the age of 18. Jaden has a history of poly substance abuse and is currently in recovery. She began writing at as a teenager and documenting her life in the form of poetry and letters. After nine years of scribbling in note pads she put her thoughts together in this book. Jaden contributes her recovery to self advocacy, self education, a strong support system of friends, psychopharmacology, and above all her mother.


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