America & The Rest Of It


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By John C V Fisher

ISBN: 978-1-78382-056-6
Published: 2014
Pages: 44
Key Themes: Mental Health, Poetry,

About the Author

John Fisher invites you to check out this work with Chipmunka Publishing. The world is spinning round – the earth around the sun – and the author is finding his place in it. This tome of poetry features rhyme and rhythm to delineate what is going on with the existence we find ourselves in and, as you move through this life, you might want to see how another person appreciates what exactly is happening as the universe voyages on.

Book Extract


Aphrodite is the essence of air.
Aphrodite has become my sole muse.
She is the only symbol I can choose.
Somewhere above she lowers her smooth veil
Leaving me dressed in deeper mystery.
Nevertheless I must follow her trail
And tend the law of synchronicity.
As a stranger to love I tread but slow
Fearful of wasting in my own desire
Yet still I know now it is time to go
And follow the flame that fans my fire.
It is her bounding soul that I watch flow
And feel joining me in play up higher.
If she were to declare her love for me.
The world is ablaze with divine beauty.
Purest sun has been spun into her hair.


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