Alternative Dimension 2


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By T R Eden

ISBN: 9781783823147
Published: 2016
Pages: 115

About the Author

What affected me as a child?
At school I always felt that I did not fit in, I found making friends difficult, as I felt that I stood out from everyone else.
Whilst a school I had a couple of friends that I felt comfortable with because we had a lot in common.
I always felt that other people did not understand how difficult I found communicating with them. So I sometimes got picked on.
I could not deal with massive crowds as I thought everyone was looking at me.
My parents are loving, supportive and kind. They helped me deal with my problems in the best way possible.
My teachers supported me to the best of their ability especially with my Dyslexia and coordination.
Visually, I could see wired things inside my head that sometimes did not make sense.

What I hope to achieve in the future.

I hope that my experiences will help promote understanding for disabilities among children and adults. I also hope that the book is an interesting read and people enjoy it.


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