Altered Perceptions


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An 18 Month Diary, One Day At A Time, In The Life Of A Mental Health Service User
By Yvonne Stewart Williams

ISBN: 9781849913423
Published: 2010
Pages: 381
Key Themes: diary, mental health, memoirs


Altered Perception is an eighteen month daily journey from an acute psychiatric hospital admission prior to my 2009 acute psychiatric admission via HMP Holloway Womens Prison.

This diary explores my lesbian sexuality, the parenting role of James, my young biological son in looked after foster care, and my support of a loved one with prostate cancer.

In this diary I reveal that for me it is not so much whether mental illness can be cured, but what one does in life in between each acute psychiatric episode. A kind of walking between the raindrops, until you get wet experience.

About the Author

Yvonne Stewart-Williams was born in 1961 and is a black English European lesbian single mother with a history of mental illness. She is employed and has spent a short time in HMP Holloway Womens Prison and several admissions in a locked women only ward, in a psychiatric hospital.

1 review for Altered Perceptions

  1. MISS JESSICA LE (verified owner)

    This book is fantastic and gives me a real insight into what goes on in the head of a sufferer of mental health problems. It has opened my eyes and made me realise that we are all mental health sufferers to some extent and has made me more aware and open minded to those that I would have previously judged.

    I am glad I got to read this and would recommend this book to anyone out there who knows of or has suffered from mental health issues in the past or present. This is such an honest, brave account of one woman’s journey and ultimately her rise from all the ashes. Thank you Yvonne for such a great book and I will be telling my friends to read this book too!

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