Advance With Hope


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Poems About Recovery in Mental Health
From Authors Associated with Advance

ISBN: 978-1-84991-803-9
Published: 2012
Pages: 165
Key Themes: poetry, prose, anthology, mental health, learning disabilities


Three years ago a handful of people with mental health problems took part in a creative writing course facilitated by poet Elspeth Murray. They, and other people supported by the national mental health provider Advance Support, have since produced an outpouring of creative writing to express their hopes, moods, fears and fantasies about recovering from their condition, which we have gathered together for the first time in this anthology. Feeling good, feeling down, feeling contempt for professionals, all user and survivor states are captured here.

About the Author

Advance is a national charitable organisation. We provide places for people with learning disabilities or mental health problems to live. We also provide support for them to live their lives the way they want, and advice for people seeking work or returning to work.

Advance began as a not for profit organisation in 1974, working with a local Health Authority in Leicestershire to identify accommodation for patients as part of a large scale discharge from a local hospital. Today Advance supports, houses and advises more than 3000 people in 33 counties across Central and Southern England.


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