Adrenaline Rush


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By Lee Harris

ISBN: 9781849911702
Published: 2010
Pages: 294
Key Themes: fantasy, love, war, mortality


When Alexis woke up one morning, she had no idea that she would be thrown headfirst into a struggle for dominance that had been raging for the better part of two millennia. Little did she know that her long lost love, the man named Xander whom she had fallen for three years earlier, was over 2300 years old.

With events spiralling out of control, Alexis and Xander try to escape to safety, but they are not only being pursued by the ancient Covenant who want her dead because of the risk she will pose should she ever be turned into an immortal, but also by the Illuminati, who would welcome her gifts and protect her.

Neither side had really paid any attention to the other signs which were brewing, and could lead to a catastrophic war and the death of millions of innocents. Will the two sides be able to settle their differences and work together against the threat? Or will they destroy each other in the ensuing struggle?

About the Author

Lee Harris was born in 1984 in Newmarket, Suffolk, At the age of 15 he moved to his current home in Great Yarmouth where he finished high school and then went on to study at college for a career in IT. He is fond of reading novels, mainly science fiction and supernatural, but also interested in history and of course writing.

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  1. debbie wanless (verified owner)

    excellent first novel little bit slow to starrt but brill when you get into it highly recommended

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