Addicts Language and a Life of Dubious Virtue


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By Georgina Wakefield

ISBN: 9781849910781
Published: 2009
Pages: 202
Key Themes: poetry, prose, real life, addiction, schizophrenia


The book consists of 30 Nursery Rhymes and 6 true case histories about Addicts the Author met during research for the book.

Craig Ohalloran was found dead in the gutter after overdosing on Heroin. His Sister gave permission for his name to be used and for his diary charting the last months of his life to be used. Other chapters include information about Narcotics Anonymous meetings attended by the Author.

Georgina Wakefield felt compelled to write this book because of the growing body of evidence that points to the risks that illegal drugs use can be a trigger for the onset of mental disorders. Her son Christian suffers from Schizophrenia and while Georgina does not maintain that illegal drugs caused his illness she does feel that their use may have played a part in its beginnings.

About the Author

Georgina Wakefield has been both a Service Users and a Carer she runs a small Management Consultancy entitled Spotlight On Schizophrenia and has developed her work, delivering The Carers Perspective over the last ten plus years. She writes books, poems and supports material with family photos .Her family have been involved in 6 videos and TV programmes about mental illness, and the impact on families.
Her family support her, with her husband Paul she attends events and speaks publicly all over the Country. Georgina works for The Institute of Psychiatry on 3 Nurse training Courses other clients include various Universities and NHS Trusts. She has an overriding passion to raise the profile of severe mental illness.

quote, We must do all we can to help people to see that this can happen to any one of us at anytime in our lives. Anyone unlucky enough to become a victim of such a tragic life event deserves our utmost respect.


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