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Daily Life In Britains Nursing Home Industry
By Lars G Petersson

ISBN: 9781849911542
Published: 2010
Pages: 199
Key Themes: nursing home, true stories, abuse


As a trained nurse Lars G Petersson has spent years in the profit-obsessed British nursing home industry, from Surrey in the south to Edinburgh in the north. In ABUSE.UK he takes his reader on a detailed tour behind the curtains of this hidden world where so many Britons end their lives in utter misery. By doing so, he paints a picture of not only appalling standards and abusive care but also of systematic staff exploitation, toothless regulators and a catastrophically flawed government control system.

ABUSE.UK is a book about a failed system that betrays those it was meant to shelter and care for. It is also a book about a business that closes its ranks against the pestilential dissident and supports the perpetrators efforts to keep it all in the dark.

Read it and do something. After all, one of those behind the protective walls of the nursing home could one day be your own mum or dad. It could even be yourself.

About the Author

Lars G Petersson is a 58 years old Swedish-born Londoner, activist and free-lance writer with special interest in peace, mental health, social justice and human rights. He is the author of a large number of articles most of which were published in Danish newspapers and journals and two other books, DESERTERS – a story about German war resisters from World War II – and MUSTERUNG State legitimated German Perversion (Chipmunca 2010) – a German language story about modern day military abuse.

Trained as a nurse – with speciality in mental health, social issues and addiction – he has persistently used his professional knowledge and insight to disclose matters otherwise hidden from public scrutiny. In a number of cases this has led to serious public debate and major improvements for vulnerable people.


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