A Variety Of Vivid Verses


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By John Flanagan

ISBN: 978-1-84991-580-9
Published: 2011
Pages: 56
Key Themes: Mental Health, Poetry, Anxiety, Depression


This book addresses the stigma that is attached to mental illness. It is contemporary in its style and explores life where courage and determination and imagination are needed to boost confidence not only for oneself, but to let the world know there is hope for us all.

About the Author

John Flanagan was born at St James Hospital in Leeds on November 12th 1947. He grew up up within a working class family and at the age of twelve developed anixety and depression. His last school was St John Bocco, a secondary modern, where he finished with no qualifications. He was then advised to enter the printing trade and so served his apprenticeship. Over the years he discovered an art for composing poetry.

Book Extract

Optical Illusions

Abracadabra speak the blessing that word is not distressing

The air scorches, the juggler juggles flaming laser torches
Clasp fingers on your face this stage act is not depressing
The magician for a bet shrinks a giant to a midget
The magician screens a desert mirage which was land alright
Be this a trick of daylight performed not under moonlight
Be this weaver of wonders man or woman by eyesight who knew
Time records events from our open air theatre where you grew.

Shocked at my aged reflection do I perceive it as perfection
Is this an optical illusion on this planet of confusion
Is it photographed by camera the mirrored image of deception
Which psychiatrist computes me on a list summarizing delusion
Which plastic surgeon offers no fee if you reveal his identity

People by chance meeting are not always what they seem
A man may trap you with wealth but no love dream
A women may demonstrate on you passion that nobody dare relate
People by chance greeting are not always what they seem
Shame must be against that vagrant on the concrete street
Slyly pleading for spare coinage but acting shyly discreet.


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