A Third Point of View in Poetry


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By Danielle Joy Golding

ISBN: 978-1-84991-495-6
Published: 2011
Pages: 338
Key Themes: Mental Health, Poetry


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Book Extract

The Possibilities of Granite

The granite represents a definite level of equilibrium
if I can find myself and this granite
I am sure I can find the axis of the earth
if it is there to be found

I am at a place with the granite
the granite is underneath me
if I could crawl under the granite,
I am sure I could find
the level of equilibrium
and the centre of the earth
a level place beneath the granite

The granite occurs everywhere
that against the granite
we have a place
where a surface exists
the surface of the granite

The very flatness of the granite ,
rock face
is several inches under me
the centre of the earth
if I could feel the underneath
of the granite
I would even be underneath it

A level for the rock
to see how far it extrudes
under the rock we have,
the centre of the earth
a centre of gravity

So the axis of the earth
starts her under the granite
if I was flat I could recede
into the granite
and experience the earths axis

A place above the granite
where the after flows
in the silence of the granite
you may sing a song
and it would be heard
because of the silence of the granite

Is the granite volcanic?
When was it created?
molten lava , rocks and substance

Granite is peculiar
Do we understand it?
Is the Kelvin of the earth there ? Kelvin is the substance of the
centre of the earth, the material of hell


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