A Reconciliation of Scientific Observation with Spiritual Revela


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By Thomas Edward McNeight

ISBN: 9781849915038
Published: 2011
Pages: 187
Key Themes: mental health, philosophy, spirituality


A Reconciliation of Scientific Observation with Spiritual Revelation is my latest book dealing with issues of a philosophical as well as of a spiritual nature, using as its backdrop the spectre of mental illness and the way that many sufferers from mental disorders are treated these days. I have tried, in this short piece of writing, to elucidate concerns regarding truth and reality that continue to vex me, as well as highlighting the plight of the mentally ill, showing, I hope, the harshness with which those people are treated by the community at large.

About the Author

Thomas Edward McNeight is a published author on issues concerning mental health. He uses as his background his studies in philosophy with the university. He lives in Whanganui, New Zealand, occupying himself with writing and painting, as well as acquainting himself with his friends who also have emotional problems and are only too aware of the persecution that is so prevalent in todays world regarding people who do not seem to be able to fit in, in the society to which they supposedly belong.


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