A Rainy Day Always Leads To Sunshine


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By Nick Burnley

ISBN: 978-1-84991-849-7
Published: 2012
Pages: 101
Key Themes: Mental Health, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, Poetry


‘A Rainy Day Allows Leads to Sunshine’ is the follow up to ‘Thoughts of a Conversational Mind’ this is another insight into the illness that has been a large part of the author’s, Nick Burnley’s life for a long time. Borderline Personality Disorder and severe depression once had a strangle hold on his life, dictating all and everything. Share his thoughts and reasoning’s along with the story Crash and Burn. A harsh yet open and unrestrained short on the effects of mental health on not only the sufferer but of their most loved ones too. What awaits the reader is a world of high and low emotions, just like the life of the man behind the words.

About the Author

Nicholas W. Burnley was born in 1984 in Scarborough North Yorkshire. Eldest of four brothers, struggled to find a place in the world for many years. The symptoms of both conditions began to show very early on and after leaving home in 2004, his mental decline became more apparent. Having three hospital admissions over the last two years he has found his way forward in words. He was diagnosed with severe depression in 2005, and Borderline Personality Disorder in 2009. He welcomes you to his mind, his thoughts and his future.

Book Extract

March of the Leaves

The howl of the wind,
Degrees reduced to zero,
The queue to disembark from natures palms disembark,
One by one,
They drop,
Like paratroopers from the Hercules that protect our skies,
A multitude of colours,
All different races,
No petty ethnic squabbles,
All creeds accepted,
Brown, green, purple and more,
Hitting the frost ridden floor,
Now ready to consume the world,
In their regimented patch quilt,
Attacking the feet of the oncoming threats,
Without a bite,
The world now blanketed by natures pawns,
The occupations short lived as the seasons change,
The victims of the assault, lay wounded and dead to the touch,
Eventually discarded by the world,
The following year,
The invasion,


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