A prisoner of thought


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By Gareth Gordon

ISBN: 9781783825950
Published: 2021
Pages: 74


This book aims to enlighten those who read it on the lesser known side of Obsessive Compusive Disorder, the thought processes and the near paralytic fears it can arouse in a sufferer. Other accounts of the Pure O variety I have read never seem pertinant to my paticular set of notions, leaving me feeling like I am some sort of oddity. Using a smattering of humour throughout and some modern British parlance I tell my story to help others that may feel they are oddities too. Within the chapters I will explain what my particular set of thoughts are, what contributed to the mishmash of ideas and how I try to get on with my life even though I have lost hope of ever being free from my self enriched horrors.

About the author

I have been afflicted with Obsessive Compusive Disorder for more than half my life. Although it may have started as the stereotypical OCD to begin with, the passing of the years has seen it mature to the more difficult to treat Pure O offshoot. Everyday it feels like a battle with my own sanity, the constant doubts, the nightmarish fears and the ever present worry just to keep going on. Cognative behavioural therapy has helped to a point but the condition seems to mutate minutely and new spheres of worry just seem to come to the fore which are seemingly insurmountable.


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