A Mother to Kill a Son


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By Ross Martin

ISBN: 9781849910354
Published: 2009
Pages: 175
Key Themes: adoption, a childhood view of cruelty, psychiatric incarceration, inspirational,


The authors inspirational memoir is a no holds barred, vivid account, depicting the victim’s experience of abuse and cruelty at the hands of a mother possessed. Nicky Fowler, adopted at birth is the family scapegoat until one day he is forced to stand up to his abuser, but he pays a heavy price. Later in life with the memory of Dolly cast aside for ever, Nicky suddenly becomes seriously ill. Misdiagnosis by RAF Doctors, cast him into a psychiatric ward to be treated for his repressed anger toward his estranged mother. Mindchanging drugs and brainwashing therapy fail to erase his determination to survive. When close to death a brain tumor is found, but whilst in hospital and semiconscious Dolly visits him out of the blue, and Nicky confronted by his past believes he is about to die again. This moving and compelling story shows that it is possible to survive the system, and eventually find a happy life.

About the Author

Ross Martin now lives with his wife in Oxford. Adopted as a child, he was subjected to years of cruelty and abuse. At age 28, whilst serving in the RAF abroad, he became ill, unable to walk, and this was originally diagnosed by Royal Navy doctors as a tumour on the brain, but on return to base in UK, Royal Air Force doctors reversed the diagnosis and admitted him into a psychiatric unit where he remained for four months subjected to mind altering drugs and group therapy administered in an attempt at cleansing him of his inner hatred. When close to death, a tumour was located and removed, but Ross now suffers permanent physical disability including related bouts of depression. Invalided from the RAF in 1976 Ross then began a career as a qualified social worker in the probation service working with offenders with mental health issues. Though recently retired, Ross still works as a freelance anger management trainer. The author’s son has been in hospital 15 years, diagnosed at 25 years of age as a paranoid schizophrenic. Ross is in regular contact with him and takes him on outings where he can feel safe and free. His role as father and carer gives Ross a wide insight into the sometimes bizarre world of Mental Health.


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