A Moment Gone


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By S. Westwood

ISBN: 9781847478924
Published: 2009
Pages: 152
Key Themes: BDD, body dysmorphic disorder, borderline personality disorder, self harm, suicidal ideation, short stories, poetry, prose, fiction


A Moment Gone is a collection of short prose by S.Westwood, author of Suicide Junkie. Through short stories, prose and poetry S.Westwood explores his deep thoughts, philosophies and feelings, each piece written at times of emotional confusion and sometimes depression. But along side tales of anguish we also see folktales and flights of whimsical imagination, stories with meanings that could even be suitable for children. It is a real mix of work but all following the journey that Mr.Westwood took through life, trying desperately to understand the world around him and writing with an obvious passion for words.


Suicide Junkie is a dark and painfully honest account of a young mans struggle with Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Suicidal Ideation. His powerful writing will grab your attention, and his soul will truly touch your heart.

About the Author

S.Westwood is the author of Suicide Junkie his autobiography, living and surviving body Dysmorphic disorder, borderline personality disorder, self harm and suicide. He is always working on promoting the book and most importantly raising awareness of BDD. S.Westwood has appeared on TV to speak about BDD on the shows This Morning, Trisha, Doctor Doctor and Channel five news. He has had his story published in national magazines, newspapers and also had an interview for radio. He regularly gives talks at training days for subjects such as suicide prevention. S.Westwood is 33 and lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and their baby boy.


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