A Lost Youth


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By Abigal Muchecheti

ISBN: 978-1-84991-972-2
Published: 2013
Pages: 147
Key Themes: Mental Health, Female Genital Mutilation,


This is a story about Female Genital mutilation and its physical and mental consequences on its victims. The story is set in a very remote village in Africa. As people of different tribes came together there were bound to be cultural clashes. The subjects of these clashes ranged from how girls were treated to smaller issues such as grazing lands.

For the four brave women caught in the middle of these cultural clashes, life took its course. Immaculate, just twelve when the story begins, was determined to continue with school even on the eve of her marriage, a marriage that was complicated. Manyara, another village girl, struggled to understand what it meant to go through female genital mutilation. Then there was Makandida, married off at twelve against her will, but what could she do. Her parents. death meant she did not have much choice about her life any more. Her life turned into a nightmare when she developed a medical condition, obstetric fistula, and was abandoned by her husband. Finally, Egifa had to leave her home because of the stigma she bore as the result of an outdated religious ritual.

The story explores how these women struggled to try and mend their lives shattered by loved ones.

About the Author

Abigal Muchecheti was born in Zimbabwe. After graduating from the University of Zimbabwe, she moved to Botswana and then the UK and currently lives in Faringdon. Abigals work is based on her experiences in dealing with issues that affect women and consequently the mental trauma that follows. Having moved to the UK, Abigal realised this was an opportunity to bring forward the issues affecting women especially Female Genital Mutilation. Being the voice of the voiceless is her priority and A Lost Youth is her second novel. The book explores the physical and mental trauma caused by Female Genital Mutilation and aims to raise awareness to help stop this horrific practice. Besides being a campaigner against Female Genital Mutilation, Abigal works full time.


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