A Cry forever



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By Stephen Drake

ISBN: 9781847473790
Published: 2007
Pages: 195
Key Themes: OCD obsessive compulsive disorder


A Cry for Help is the follow-up to Stephens very succesful A Cry For Help and continues his first books theme highlighting the constant struggles of living with OCD. Stephen has a terrible fear, amongst others, of harming an elderly lady. Having to continually check that each and every elderly woman he passed in the street or came into everyday contact had not suffered at his hands. A Cry Forever tackles how this obsession has altered Stephens life, further periods in custody are discussed as are Stephens experiences of forming relationships and starting a family hindered by ever present obsessions. This is an honest and open book which can act as a beacon of hope for those suffering from this wildly misunderstood, yet life changing illness.

About the Author

Stephen Drake was born in Surrey in 1970 and was diagnosed with OCD in 1989, having spent periods in jail due to the condition. Further custody followed as stress heightened his obsessions. In 2006 Stephen wrote his first book entitled A Cry For Help as a way of expressing his problems and changing his wayward course. A Cry For Ever followed a year later, having been encouraged by benefits from his first book.

7 reviews for A Cry forever

  1. julie hamadou (verified owner)

    I like this book it made me cry……………………………….

  2. Susan Cleland (verified owner)

    I have just finished reading this book, which is a sequel to A Cry For Help.
    Again, Icould not put this book down until I got to the end. The first thing I noticed was the format of the book – spaces between paragraphs, short sentences – diary style.
    Was it in fact a diary? It gave a blow by blow account of the hell of being trapped in an intelligent mind, which is also prey to obsessive compulsive disorder.
    In this book, rather than the last, I felt the main character, Charlie, was trapped in a rut.
    He initiated more violence due to his condition, attacking people as a vendeta when he was not entirely sure he was in the right.
    You cannot help but relate to Charlie, but you really wish he had someone apart from the psychiatrist, who helped him with his problems, but offered no real solution.
    With Charlies intelligence you hope that in his next book he may take a step outside his usual world and get a different sort of help.
    For anyone interested interested in how hyour mind can make you a prisoner (quite apart from learning about the reality of prisons) this is the book for you.

  3. annette orphan (verified owner)

    this book was such a good read again as the 1st book a cry for help i just couldnt put it down.cant wait for the next one

  4. John Friend (verified owner)

    This book gives a further insight into the life of someone with OCD. The condition is hard to understand for anyone who has not directly experienced it, or witnessed it in others. Having finished the book, I realised it had been an easier read than ‘A Cry For Help’. Perhaps I had been conditioned by the first one to expect the worst would happen. But it didn’t this time, which is why I enjoyed ‘A Cry For Ever’ more, even though I did not learn quite as much from it.

  5. Clare Evans (verified owner)

    Fantastic book – I really enjoyed both the first book!! Have recommended it to all my friends

  6. David Thomas (verified owner)

    A continuation of ‘A Cry For Help’, it was a very good read from cover to cover. As a sufferer of OCD myself, I can relate to a lot of the things mentioned in this book, and in a way it is helpful to hear about other peoples similar experiences with OCD and its symptoms. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, its a thoroughly good read and one I just couldn’t put down. I hope there is a follow on to this book, as I’d like to hear more about Charlies ongoing battle with OCD and how the story ends up. Definitely a good book for raising awareness of the debilitating nature of OCD.

  7. melanie reynolds (verified owner)

    A superb read. the 2nd book in the series, equally as well written as the first, hard to believe what some people go through in their lives but its wonderful to read how they succeed when so much is against them, this book is very sad in places and i admit to a few tears……but i thoroughly enjoyed it and i very much hope to read a third account of charlies life sometime in the future. Mel x

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