A Cheerful Depression


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By M.M Johns

ISBN: 9781847479990
Published: 2009
Pages: 176
Key Themes: autobiography, depression, empowerment, relationships


This first person account tracks the real life of the author who slowly became engulfed by an acute depression, and his subsequent attempt to gain back his former lifestyle. The work offers an insight into the mind of a person diagnosed with depression, explaining how the illness started, the deterioration felt as it took hold, and the authors progress through recovery. It endeavors to explain the distorted thinking that controls everyday life, making the smallest tasks which we all take for granted seemingly overwhelming and impossible.

About the Author

M. M. Johns lives in Stirling in Scotland. Educated in South Africa and Zimbabwe, he served in the British South Africa Police for three years prior to joining the British Army for nine years. He worked in the UK for several years before moving to South Africa where he was employed in the Security Industry as a Consultant in Loss Prevention for corporate clients. He returned to the UK eleven years ago to work in the Hospitality Industry. He retired due to ill health in 2007 and now writes from home more as a hobby, something to do, and the result is that he has now written one nonfiction and two fiction novels. A Cheerful Depression is the story of his journey into depression, a suicide attempt and the recovery process.


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