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Introduction – Setting the scene for the “A Can of Madness” the rap album. It’s raw, it’s funny, it’s tear jerking and it’s helping give a voice to people with mental illness around the world. Pioneering the first steps to recovery.

8 billion miles – Jason Pegler raps about changing the way the world thinks about mental health. Give others a voice with this hypnotic, dark, empowering delivery, lyrics and beat.

JCB 1 – Introducing Jason Pegler’s alter ego JCB. JCB is not to be messed with. He is committed to helping cure people with mental illness. So check out this slick delivery and hypnotic beat.

Alcohol – Jason Pegler reveals how he used to be addicted to alcohol and was on drugs before curing himself from manic depression. Appropriate dark eat supplied by avarice.

Poll Vault – Jason Pegler introduces Chipmunka Records to give you a voice with dark and uplifting beat from Avarice.

MC Jase Head Case – Instrumental rap taking you further into the abyss and out again.

Vauxhall Crew – Jason Pegler rapping about urban regeneration and facilitating the biggest civil rights movement of all time. Energetic beat from Avarice.

Where is Love? – Mellow, hypnotic and moving beat by Avarice with lyrics calling for people to love themselves and the world that little bit more.

6 billion raps to recovery – Rap can bring people together. This song is proof. Listen to the empowering lyrics and dance to the rhythmic beat.

Rhyme and Reason – Funky beat combined with empowering lyric from Jason Pegler

A Can of Madness – setting the scene for “A Can of Madness” the album. The memoir came first. A dark and moving beat made to make your eyes water.

All tracks lyrics by Jason Pegler and produced by Avarice from Renegade Artistry except for Unity which is in association with Raskil Records.


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