A Box of Mice


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By Lena Green

ISBN: 978-1-84747-790-3
Published: 2008
Pages: 8
Key Themes: poetry, memories, metaphors


A Box of Mice provides a gentle insight into the doomed consequences of ‘keeping a tight lid’ on past memories. Via the analogy of a box of mice, the trauma of coming to terms with a suppressed past is graphically illustrated. The story also deals with the effectiveness of learning to trust oneself to embrace change in order to see life from a calmer place.

About the Author

After a determined effort to leave home aged 18, the author decided that the traumas of her confusing and unpredictable childhood simply had not happened. Although she sought to deny the past and to become a new person, the ingrained damage of those early years was ever present and growing deeper. Naturally the day came when her whole life avalanched out, and she was left an empty broken shell. Realising that she no longer could, nor wanted, to maintain her burdens, she gradually found the courage to face her own reality. Having now made changes to her life, she lives a more contented and satisfying life.

Book Extract

The friends ran into the sunshine
To pose, arms entwined
For the group photograph.
Moment recorded, they ran off
Leaping and laughing
To play once more
Amongst the trees.

Lena, by the side of the grown-ups, stood watching
‘Go and join in’ they told her.
But she couldn’t.

Alone she stood
Feeling sad and unhappy,

But not knowing why.

She was scared that if she told anyone,
They wouldn’t listen to her.
They would say in hurried grown-up voices
‘Don’t be silly Lena, go and play’.

So she said nothing
But worried, more and more
Until one day,
Stirred into action she said
‘What if I pretend my worries are mice’?
I don’t like feeling sad,
And nor do I like mice!
So, if I put my pretend mice in a box
And lock them right away
I can forget about them.
It’s so simple!


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