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This seminar was last held in 2013. If you would like us to tailor a seminar to your needs or to license you and teach you/your staff to run your own seminars then please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact page.

Full Price: Seminar is worth£2997. This is an early bird offer. I want to give you the best value possible.
(plus £297 worth of free products). That’s a massive saving.

Licensed Practitioner of Chipmunkapublishing Empowerment

The Chipmunka Marketing and Empowerment Seminar

That’s right if you sign up with Jason Pegler Creator of Chipmunkapublishing Empowerment You will receive special offer of £297 worth of bonuses.

A very special seminar on living with mental illness and sharing your experiences with the world

Spend three days with the Mental Health Publisher in the ultimate empowerment seminar

Dear Mental Health Writer/Ambassador, Celebrity,

My name is Jason Pegler and I am the CEO and founder of Chipmunkapublishing.
I would like to invite you to a special three day seminar. This is not just your first step on the path to being a published author and sharing your story with the world. It will also equip you with the same tools used by the world’s very best marketers, so you can make sure your story gets heard.
This way, not only can you tell your story, you can make sure it is read by the greatest possible number of people, empowering them and helping break down the stigma attached to mental illness. Writing is an amazingly cathartic experience, as I can personally attest, but it also has the power to change the lives of your readers. So if you’re ready to help change the world, I’d love to see you here!
Let’s look at what you’ll be learning throughout the three days…

Day 1 – Writing and product development

To get you started, I will spend the first day giving you positive creative writing prompts that will put you in a state of positive flow, then maintain that flow and finish your book. If you’ve always dreamed of writing but been terrified of putting pen to paper, this day will change all that.
You will also learn to create higher value products that Chipmunka can publish. For example – Home Study Courses, MP3, Mp4, CD and DVD products, Mastermind Groups, Membership sites…

Day 2: Self promotion

You will be shown the secrets of how to get yourself national and international media coverage and how to make this happen on an ongoing basis. These are proven techniques that work for anyone – regardless of the specific mental illness that you have experienced – take little time and are totally free.
You will be shown how to grow your own brand how to maximize traditional media and modern media, including social networks. You will be shown the best way of integrating your social networks and getting the best possible results from them.

Day 3: Marketing secrets

You will be shown how to grow your own brand – how to become a world leader in your own niche. You will be shown the secrets of how to make a massive difference and serve more people than you ever dreamed of in a positive way? You will learn secrets of the world’s greatest marketers – proven methods that always work.

You will also receive 30 days of additional email support from me after the event, to make sure you implement everything you’ve learnt as effectively as possible

Let the Mental Health Publisher help you tell your story

I can personally attest to the positive effect laying down your feelings on paper and telling your story to the world will have on your life.

As the founder of Chipmunkapublishing, I have seen this work over and over again, having published more than 800 books by people with experiences of mental illness since 2002. My own renowned autobiography, A Can of Madness, was a vital part of my own healing process, having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 17 and spending several years in and out of mental hospitals.
I have therefore dedicated my life to helping raise awareness and understanding of mental illness and helping people with mental illness become published authors. It is for this reason I founded Chipmunkapublishing, the Mental Health Publisher, which has already published over 825 books by 600 authors since April 2002.

“Thank you very much for the book. I cannot tell you how much I value it. I was in a permanent tantrum before you published me and now I’ve become quite positive and happy.”
Simon Rhys Shaw

A free bonus gift – worth £297
As a special bonus, you will receive a free copy of Unlimited Confidence – Smashes the fear of mental illness – a home study course in A4 paperback format that i have spent 11 years developing. I have designed this course to help you feel happy and confident every day. If you are ready to make a difference in the world and bring happiness into the lives of those you meet, this course is perfect for you.

Places for this seminar are strictly limited and once they are filled, we will not be accepting any more bookings. Book now to claim your place and get ready to enjoy all the pleasure, prestige and empowerment that comes from being a published author.

I look forward to meeting you.

Jason Pegler
Founder and CEO

Seminar Testimonials
Here’s what previous attendees had to say…

“Today’s seminar was positive, nice to meet people, and to be involved was inspirational” Duke Mackenzie – 3 Weight World Boxing Champion

“I think the seminar is really useful, not just to put faces to names but to share in ideas that will help you in your career and life, and to be shown that success really is possible, whoever you are” Ashley Hale

“I like having a voice in mental health, Chipmunka helped me achieve this” – “I enjoyed meeting the other participants on today’s seminar, we learned together when we shared our creative writings and goal setting” Anne Brocklesby

“This seminar has given me the motivation to submit material to Chipmunka, and has also increased my confidence” Ann Clifton

“The seminar was positive and uplifting” Paul Warwick


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