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The Story of Our Fated Adoptions
By Nicholas Holbrook

ISBN: 9781849912709
Published: 2010
Pages: 153
Key Themes: adoption, alcoholism, suicide, relationships


This is the story of the Holbrooks, who lived in 16 Manor Way in South London.

On the outside they were a very affluent and normal Medical family, but their life together was to be far from normal. The two children were adopted separately, their Mum was an alcoholic, and one dark winters night she climbed the stairs to commit suicide. Nick Holbrook tells the whole story of what it was like to grow up with this family. With great personal detail, his book documents what happened over their 20 years of life together and how those events have affected him so greatly to this day. Read their story if you have an interest in Adoption, Alcoholism, Suicide and Family Relationships. It is both a powerful and tragic family story where things might have been so different.

About the Author

Nick Holbrook is 48 and lives with his wife and children in Berkshire. He was adopted as a very young child, together with his sister, and another child who was taken back by her mother.
He grew up in what he now sees was a highly privileged environment in a medical family in South London but his mother was an alcoholic. He considers himself to have been hugely impacted on by adoption, alcoholism and by the sudden death of his sister through meningitis.

One thing that Nick has come to believe in as a result of his childhood experiences, is the importance of having what he calls crucial conversations. These did not happen in his family, particularly with his father. An actor, stand up comedian, Professional Sales Trainer, Nick speaks French and Spanish fluently, and he both reads and writes on a diverse range of subjects.


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