16 essential techniques for conquering your bipolar and Living


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By Jason Pegler

ISBN: 978-1-78382-478-6
Published: 2019
Pages: 29
Key Themes: bipolar disorder, recovery, empowerment


16 essential techniques for conquering your bipolar and living the life you’ve always wanted

In this booklet, Jason Pegler, founder of Chipmunkapublishing and the world leader in mental health empowerment, shares 16 essential techniques that will help you manage your bipolar without resorting to medication.

Drawing directly from his own experience and personal development, Jason shares such techniques as…

Building self esteem with ha breathing

The power of Neuro-linguistic Programming

Reprogramming your subconscious mind

Connecting with others

Setting goals and achieving them

How writing a book can transform your life and that of others

…and much more. You’ll soon find yourself in control of your bipolar and ready to live the life you’ve always wanted.

About the Author

Jason Pegler is known internationally for his work as a social entrepreneur. He was born in 1975. He was diagnosed with manic depression in 1992. This is his sixth book. He is the author of ‘A Can of Madness’, ‘Curing Madness’, ‘The Ultimate Guide To Well Being’ and ‘Mental Health Publishing and Empowerment’. His first three books can be bought together in the trilogy Bipolar, Recovery and NLP.

Jason is the CEO of Chipmunkapublishing. He dedicates his life to empowering people with mental health issues so that they can fulfill their potential and help others.


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