In 2003 John Breeding first published ‘The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses’ which Chipmunka then published in 2007.

An incredibly important book by a great Chipmunka author, the book is described as follows…

What to do when your child is labelled a problem by the schools. The truth about Ritalin, ADHD and other ‘disruptive behavioral disorders’.

In this revised and expanded Chipmunka edition, John Breeding sends out a powerful message and strong support for adults who want to encourage the spirited development of our children. The book calls for a halt to the epidemic drugging of young people for so-called ADHD and other alleged mental illnesses. This book shows us how to counsel our children and insists we must not forsake the great gift of viewing them with the ‘eyes of delight!’ John is a clear, strong advocate for young people and a great ally to parents wanting support to respond to their children in a positive way.

“This is a self-help book like you’ve never seen before. It says we do need help and details many helpful strategies. It underscores that drugs are not helpful. I envision parent support groups being formed around this book in concerned communities across America.” – Moira Dolan, MD, parent & medical researcher.

“John Breeding is a parent who has continued to be fascinated with his children as he and they continue to grow up. His wisdom comes from his delight, which makes him a revolutionary”. – Brad Blanton, author of ‘Radical History: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth’

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John recently recorded this testimonial video for Chipmunka Publishing …

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