We receive reviews every week for our books. Here’s one we received a while ago for Amsterdamned by David Williams. The review states that the only reason they have not given 5 stars is because it is not yet available as a paperback. Well now it is! So we can safely assume that this is now a 5 Star review.

Follow this link to see the eBook AND paperback editions of Amsterdamned on the chipmunka shop

This is a must-read for all who want to begin to understand – and even empathise with – those struggling with Bi-Polar Disorder. It chronicles – and imparts not only the horrors of, but also the utter loneliness of – a very public and severe mental meltdown, peppered occasionally with random acts of small human kindnesses. Prison brings with it – and David Williams documents in his unique style of writing – a degree of external calmness whilst still falling apart within; and the painful, painful struggle to survive, regain balance and grow. He implicitly asks that question so many of us are asking in this postmodern, mad world: what is insanity? Is it really anything other than a rational response to an irrational culture? My only sadness is that it isn’t yet a paperback that I can lend to friends (in which case it would have got 5 stars!)

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